Give a presentation in Sapporo cafe

This pic has been taken at Sapporo cafe which located in nearby Sapporo station.

this is actually not good to introduce the place, but what I'd like you to know is there is several cafes that customer can make a conference or presentation in the heart of city like this.
I gave a presentation about experience in foreign countries at event of iSHiN, an organization for international relationship I take part in as student member, on Sapporo City of my hometown this Monday.

The event itself was not really huge, the number of audience was approximately thirty though, it has become so nice experience for me. Especially, I enjoyed a get-together party after giving the presentations. It goes without saying, I'm not usually conscious of my life in overseas as special experience, but the event made me got to be conscious or reconfirm that I capable to give motivations and information for guys who want to get them. I'm sure firsthand experiences of yourself in different place make you competitive.

Particularly, it is true I think that most Japanese people should go abroad for upcoming future and prepare for economical globalization, on the other hands, most of them generally haven't enough experience in over seas. So, I hope more my friends go to abroad to comprehend world's situation and our neighbors.