Crazy Japanese Seven Eleven just down the way

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Let's just drop into the world-famous convenience store.
This Seven Eleven is about 2 minutes-walk from my home.

Now Japan has been getting saturated convenience store in the country.




This is a liquor section, unlike some countries, you can get some alcohol no matter when or where you want!
as you can see, there are some of wine bottle.

The bottled alcohols placed on the bottom of the shelf are "shochu" which made of wheat or potato.




One of the biggest sections in in Japanese convenience stores  are fresh meal section.

These packaged meals are everyday delivered freshly from food factories.

Those prices are about $2 to $5 by and large.





For those who have a sweet tooth, you can get even sweets with affordable price!





At cashier's side, there is usually electrical pot for pouring into instant noodles or soups.




Besides, there usually is ATM at the store.
it allows you to withdraw, transfer or save some money.


This is just aspect of crazy Japanese convenience store!
Come see this "real" convenience store!