Hokkaido Jingu Festival in Sapporo!!

Hi! Let me just introduce Hokkaido Jingu Festival this time!
By the way, have you ever seen or heard about Japanese festival?
This festival has been held at one of the big park, Nakajima Park,
located in heart of Sapporo city for over 100 years!


For your information,
it is held at 10:00 to 22:00 on June 14 to 16 regardless of year.


honestly, everywhere we dropped in was so crowded and I felt like as if I were packed sardine!!



There are as many as about 500 food stall in the Nakagima Park.
I took this pic when the festival was about to finish, so the crowd has become better than a peak time.


I suggest you take care of behind of your back in the crowd, otherwise you'll find melted ice cream or sauce of hot dogs at your shirt on the way back home!!!
Only three days of the festival, population density of this place may be much higher than any other place in the world.



What's this!?



this is paper fortunes (おみくじ)which are divided every birth days, but a funny thing I thought was that there are no staff there.
only one thing I found was the coin slot on the shelf!


all you have to do at this unpeopled place is to put ¥100 (≒$1) into it, and pick one paper fortune up.
then open it and read your future!

Just like this, my birth day is November 9.



This piece of paper says my future...
Well... the statement is composed with really complicate and difficult Japanese,
so I wanted to ask somebody to interpret it into plain English.



You can fire at the target here.
Actually, those weapons are air-rifle to fire off a cork bullet.




In getting the Prizes like a Draemon dropped from the shelf,
you can get it!


I like shooting game, but it costs ¥500 (≒$5) for 5 times,
if it had been cheaper, I could have got every Draemons on the shelf.




How smart is the smart ball?



this game is called "smart ball", kind of traditional game for festivals for long ages.
Nothing about this game has been changed since I was little child.


I believe this might an origin of Pachinko, too noisy gambling place of Japan.





How could I enjoy the smart ball?


It doesn't have any prize, only thing you can get if you make line putting white ball in the pockets will be
that you can continue to play again and again!


The prize shouldn't always be a thing, I prefer the atmosphere of the festival, people' smiles, and laughing voices, then I feel something like a gratitude.
Anyways, this festival is worth visiting!!!


Festivals symbolize its country's tradition, if you come, you can touch on the tradition and know it more!
I like visiting other countries' festival, it always allow me to know its tradition out of the box of my experience!
Have a fantastic time and make lots of friends when you visit the festival!